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King Agamemnon ruled the region's most powerful kingdom from the palace at Μυκήνες or Mycenae around the 14th Century BC. According to the legends, his brother was Menelaus, whose wife Helen was abducted by Paris of Troy. Agamemnon then commanded the Achaean forces (mislabeled as "Greek" today) in the Trojan War.

The picture above shows the innermost chamber of the main palace on Mycenae's hilltop citadel. This is where Agamemnon's bed and chamber pot would have been.

The page of Mycenae's plumbing details Agamemnon's chambers as well as the citadel's large cisterns used to withstand protracted sieges. It also shows the public latrines and cisterns of the nearby Bronze Age citadel of Τίρυνς or Tiryns.
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Do Foreigners Have Strange Toilets?

Whoever you are, you are going to think that other countries have strange toilets. But remember, they are thinking the same thing about your peculiar plumbing. Someone from the U.S. wrote me: "I visited Italy 3 years ago and had no idea that some restaurants had in-ground toilets. I was just aghast when I went into the john, but eventually figured it out." As I replied to her, try to imagine the poor visitor to the U.S. ...


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"2.6 billion people don't have sanitation. I don't mean that they have no toilet in their house and must use a public one with queues and fees. Or that they have an outhouse, or a rickety shack that empties into a filthy drain or pigsty. All that counts as sanitation, though not a safe variety. The people who have those are the fortunate ones. Four in ten people have no access to any latrine, toilet, bucket, or box. Nothing. ..."


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Before you complain that I have not yet visited and photographed your favorite one, realize that (with one exception) these are all places I have been. If you would like to send me an airline ticket to Hawaii, Kenya, India, coastal China, or wherever, please just contact me for the shipping details. ...


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Toilets are part of everyday life, at least for those of us fortunate enough to have modern sanitation. But some people have broader interests in bathroom pictures: sinks, bidets, hot water heaters, urinals, waste treatment plants, ...


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