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People want all sorts of information about toilets. Not just what they look like in countries all around the world, or what sorts of toilets world leaders and artists and celebrities use, but they want to see toilet signs, watch toilet videos and listen to toilet sounds, and more. Most importantly for your health, you might want to know about preparing for a colonoscopy, a completely painless procedure that will involve the use of a toilet. Follow any of those links, or read on for an overview of those and other toilet topics.

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Toilet sign in a Japanese park.

Toilet Signs

Are you looking for toilet signs?

Which language would you prefer? Japanese? Chinese? Bulgarian? Arabic? Malay? French? Greek? English?

And would you want the signs to explain where not to throw paper, or how to use a foreigner's toilet, or whether or not magnets are present, or whether or not to urinate against the wall, or simply how to find the toilet?


These are just a few samples, see the detailed page for many more.

Preparing for a Colonoscopy

Gray's anatomy, lymphatics of colon.

A colonoscopy is an important medical test and it's no big deal. You are completely unaware of the procedure.

What you are aware of is the preparation, five days of a modified diet and then 24 hours of somewhat unusual preparation.


However, that preparation is no big deal, either. Learn what's involved, and get checked.

Toilet Multimedia: Download MPEG video, MP3 audio, and ringtones of a flushing toilet

The Toilets of the World site has been certified as Web 3.0 compatible!

This means that it contains some multimedia content suitable for viewing on 5G and 6G devices, plus a disproportionate level of hype.


The multimedia page contains a downloadable MPEG movie of a flushing toilet, as well as a MP3 file and a downloadable ring tone.

The Toilet Mailbox

Many people have had their bowels so moved by this collection that they sent me a letter. Well, at least an electronic mail message.

To give you some idea of the contents of that page, here is its table of contents:

Toilet Links


I have links to many other toilet pages and sources of toilet information, in case these pages haven't provided enough.

The Grit Boxes of Scotland

Grit box along a road outside Pitlochry, Scotland.

Grit Boxes might sound like some sort of uncomfortable toilet.

However, the Grit Boxes of Scotland page is an overly detailed annotated collection of pictures of another form of technology.

Not toilets, but grit boxes. What is a grit box?

The Grit Boxes
of Scotland

See the Grit Box page and learn!

Roadside Shrines of Greece

Roadside Greek Orthodox shrine in Meteora, Greece.

Similarly, Roadside Shrines might sound like some sort of elaborate toilet facility for travelers, but they are also something entirely different.

Roadside Shrines
of Greece

The Roadside Greek Orthodox Shrine page is yet another catalog of variations upon a theme seen by a traveler.