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Toilet Multimedia

Download MPEG video, MP3 audio, and ringtones of a flushing toilet

Everyone on today's Internet is searching for free multimedia downloads. MPEG video files, MP3 audio files, and those oddly captivating ringtones. In the interest of educating the toilet-using public, and more importantly, increasing my advertising revenue, here is a movie of a flushing toilet. My toilet, actually.

Not only a downloadable movie, but here is the extracted audio track as a downloadable MP3 file, and also converted to a downloadable ringtone.

Watch the free video

Download the free MP3 audio file

Download the free QCP ringtone file

The MPEG, MP3, and ringtone are free for the downloading. But if you especially enjoyed them and would like to contribute to the operation of the site, here is a PayPal tip jar:

What's up with the green stuff? It's toilet bowl cleaner. I didn't have tubes of tofu like the ones in that National Geographic channel documentary "Secrets of the Toilet" (which, by the way, used one of my pictures!), but I needed to enhance the flush visualization in some non-offensive way.


How was this magic accomplished?

It was easy.

First, capture video with my Fuji FinePix A805, being careful to avoid dropping the camera into the water.

Second, rotate the AVI file by 90° using the mencoder tool, and then convert that from AVI to MPEG using the very powerful ffmpeg tool.

Third, extract the audio track from the MPEG video file and save it as MP3, again using ffmpeg. Then insert the MP3 metadata tags with mp3info.

Fourth, convert the MP3 to the QCP format used for low-fi ringtones, possibly using this page.