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Where do I put used toilet paper?
In the bowl or in the bin?

Do you know what to do with used toilet paper? If you start to say "Of course! You always put it in the...", then you are wrong! It varies from one country to the next, and sometimes it varies within a country. In some places you put it into the toilet and in other places it goes into a dedicated rubbish bin. Maybe you're anxiously looking this up on your smart phone while sitting on a toilet.

If so, look around you and see if there's a small rubbish container within arm's reach, probably lined with a plastic bag. Peep in there and see if it already contains used toilet paper. If so, put your paper there.

If there's no rubbish bin in sight, or if you're in the U.S., Canada, or Northwestern Europe, drop it in the toilet and hope for the best. For more details, keep reading!

Toilet paper should not be put into most squat toilets, as they are usually plumbed into systems not intended to handle paper. Squat toilets are common in countries in which water is the preferred personal cleaning method.

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Today's Featured Plumbing
King Agamemnon ruled the region's most powerful kingdom from the palace at Μυκήνες or Mycenae around the 14th Century BC. According to the legends, his brother was Menelaus, whose wife Helen was abducted by Paris of Troy. Agamemnon then commanded the Achaean forces (mislabeled as "Greek" today) in the Trojan War.

The picture above shows the innermost chamber of the main palace on Mycenae's hilltop citadel. This is where Agamemnon's bed and chamber pot would have been.

The page of Mycenae's plumbing details Agamemnon's chambers as well as the citadel's large cisterns used to withstand protracted sieges. It also shows the public latrines and cisterns of the nearby Bronze Age citadel of Τίρυνς or Tiryns.
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Who is the Toilet Guru?
Bob Cromwell seated on the ancient public toilets in Ephesus.

Who is the Toilet Guru? Is he obsessed? What is it like to be the Toilet Guru? Why does this site exist?

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