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How to Buy and Install Your Own Squat Toilet in Your Home

People ask me from time to time, "How can I install a squat toilet in my home?" These might be people who have recently moved to the U.S. Once in a while it's someone like a U.S. Air Force veteran who was stationed at Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey and came to prefer squatting. Sometimes it's someone squatting for health reasons. You can purchase squat toilets in the U.S. The difficult part is getting them installed and, in some places, getting the installation approved through health or building safety inspections. A few alternatives or workarounds are available. Here is everything I have been able to find on the topic.

If you want to have a squat toilet in your home or office, there are three possible solutions:

  1. Buy and install a squat toilet.
  2. Buy and use a portable squat toilet.
  3. Buy or build an elevated squatting platform contraption. Try not to fall off of it and hurt yourself.

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Today's Featured Toilet
Adolf Hitler's toilet ended up in an auto repair shop in a small town in New Jersey.

The official State Yacht of the Third Reich was seized by the British Royal Navy after World War II and sold in 1947 to a private owner in the U.S.

He sold a lot of parts to people in the area before he scrapped the ship. Teak decking, portholes, flagpoles, furniture, and more. A good friend of the owner needed a toilet and sink for his garage, and Hitler's commode went into service for the next sixty years.

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Who is the Toilet Guru?
Bob Cromwell seated on the ancient public toilets in Ephesus.

Who is the Toilet Guru? Is he obsessed? What is it like to be the Toilet Guru? Why does this site exist?

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