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Squat Toilets and Raised Commodes

This is the biggest toilet question in the minds of most international travelers. For some potential travelers, especially Americans, it may be the biggest question of all and a large part of what keeps them from traveling out of their fear of the different and the unfamiliar:

When I visit that country, what will the toilets be like?

Will they be squat toilets, pans in the floor?

Or will they be raised commodes, like porcelain chairs?

For absolutely everything I have on the topic of toilets, arranged on a country by country basis, see my collection of international toilets. But allow me to attempt to summarize the distributions of squatters and commodes, of pans and thrones:

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Today's Featured Plumbing
This bidet and sink in l'Hôtel de Médicis in Paris is just like that in the room directly above, the room occupied by Jim Morrison in 1970 and 1971.

L'Hôtel de Médicis was a traditional family-owned small hotel in the Latin Quarter in Paris, just south of the Sorbonne.

By 2009 the family had given up the hotel business and l'Hôtel de Médicis was gone. But not before I stayed there and photographed its plumbing!
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Who is the Toilet Guru?
Bob Cromwell seated on the ancient public toilets in Ephesus.

Who is the Toilet Guru? Is he obsessed? What is it like to be the Toilet Guru? Why does this site exist?

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