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The Worst Toilet in the World

The Worst Toilet in the World

You can't say that you weren't warned on the introductory page. Here it is.

There were four toilets in this kiosk, and this was the one in the best shape. The other four were even worse.

That which has been seen, cannot be unseen:

The worst toilet in the world, at the train station in Nafplio, Greece.

This is the land of Plato and Socrates and Aristotle?

Yes, it does look as though someone removed their underwear and threw them on the floor, and then that got kicked around so that it's looped around the foot pedal used for flushing. Not that these people would flush the toilet, since they've been voiding their bowels all over the floor.

The public toilet near the train station in Nafplio , Greece.

Another thing to consider is that this appears to be the work of several people. It's one thing when the first person does this. But what about all the people who come along later and say to themselves, "I, too, will wade into this den of filth and defecate upon the floor."

The filth has been tracked out all four doors, as all four compartments of the kiosk were in this awful state. In fact, you can see the spreading pools of human waste in the image of the kiosk's exterior.

Get me out of here!

Yes, there is a blue Sani-Flush border here indicating that I used it. I stood well outside the stall in the least bad condition and lofted a stream of urine in through the door. That could only improve matters, it couldn't make it worse.