Tokyo Toilet project location, public toilets using electrically opaque glass.

#1: Sasazuka Greenway

Along the Greenway, Under the Track


Location #1 is along the Sasazuka Greenway at 1-29 Sasazuka, Shibuya. It's along the south side of the station, partially beneath the southernmost elevated rail line.

Junko Kobayashi, the designer, began working in public toilet design in 1989 and has completed over 250 public toilet projects. She received an engineering doctorate from Toyo University in 2014, with a thesis titled "Evaluation and implementation measures of public restroom improvement efforts". By the time this project started, she was President of the Japan Toilet Association.

Sasazuka Greenway Public Toilet: oxidized steel cylinders arranged beneath a yellow awning, all of it partially under an elevated rail line.

Visiting Sasazuka

The Sasazuka Greenway Public Toilet is mostly situated beneath the elevated rail station. It protrudes only partially from the south side, west from the station's South Exit.

The individual components, most of them cylindrical, are built from steel sheets that have been intentionally oxidized to provide a surface finish that will remain stable for a long time. A round yellow awning reflects light back down, making the area seem much brighter that if it were simply underneath the concrete overpass.

Sasazuka Greenway Public Toilet seen from center front.

A broad shelf above the urinals provides a place to lay a package.

Interior of men's toilet: two urinals and a toilet.

Rabbits are a recurring design motif.

Sink fit into a curved counter in a curved compartment.

Moving on to the next location

Here is a walking route joining locations #01, #02, #03, and #04. The ends of the route are at Sasazuka Station and near Hatagaya Station, respectively KO 04 and KO 03 on the Keiō New Line a short distance west of Shinjuku Station.

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