Tokyo Toilet project location, public toilets using electrically opaque glass.

#10: Jingūmae

The House


Location #10 is at 1-3-14 Jingūmae, Shibuya.

The fashion designer and creative director who goes by the 'nym of NIGO® wrote that this design is about learning from the past: "First and foremost, I thought about its accessibility and ease of use. In contrast to the ever-changing city of Tokyo with its sky-high buildings, I envisioned a toilet that feels like a good old home that stands quietly on a corner of Harajuku. The toilet may feel nostalgic to some and new to others, depending on their age and generation."

It does look like a small house that you might find near a beach.

Through Harajuku

I was walking through Harajuku on my way to the next location when I realized that I was close to the Design Festa Gallery, which I had visited on a trip the year before.

Street side exterior of Design Festa Gallery.

It combines several art galleries on all three floors with a cafe/bar on the ground floor.

Murals inside Design Festa Gallery
Tree growing through a table in the cafe inside Design Festa Gallery
Hangings of big-eyed girls next to the cafe.

Visiting the Toilet

A short walk north from Design Festa Gallery took me to the pedestrian overpass above Jingūmae Dōri. From there I could look down on what did appear to be a small house.

Small vans parked in front of Jingūmae Public Toilet.
Tokyo Toilet staff leaving Jingūmae Public Toilet after routine cleaning and maintenance.

I arrived at the toilet just as the cleaning and maintenance staffer was leaving.

A universal toilet with support for wheelchairs, babies, and ostomates is at the center. The doors into the women's and men's rooms flank it. Soft exterior lighting was already on at about 1600.

Street-side entries to the Jingūmae Public Toilet.

Inside the natural light is assisted by low-power LED lamps controlled by motion sensors.

Urinals inside the Jingūmae Public Toilet.

Moving on to the Next Location

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