Tokyo Toilet project location, public toilets using electrically opaque glass.

#3: Nanagō Dōri Park

The Voice-Controlled Orb


Location #3 is at 2-53-5 Hatagaya, Shibuya. It stands at one end of the narrow Nanagō Dōri Park.

Its designer, Kazoo Sato and the Disruption Lab Team, had read studies reporting the high percentage of public toilet users in Europe and the U.S. who modify their behavior to avoid touching surfaces.

They developed the "Hi Toilet" where all controls can be operated by voice. Soon after they got that working, the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and made contact-free public devices even more relevant. The universal toilet in this facility has the voice control system.

Visiting the Toilet

Seen from the sidewalk along the street, the public toilet is a mysterious white orb at the west end of the narrow Nanagō-Dōri Park.

The mysterious white orb of the Nanagō-Dōri Park Public Toilet as seen from the sidewalk along the street.

The rear side of the orb is sliced off vertically, with pictograms pointing the way.

Nanagō-Dōri Park Public Toilet seen from the side, pictographs pointing to the entrances.

The floor plan shows that there's a men's room (which has just urinals and a sink) and a universal toilet.

Floor plan of the Nanagō-Dōri Park Public Toilet.

Looking into the universal toilet, the curved exterior wall is at left. To the left of the toilet controls are the microphone and speaker for the voice control. The ostomate fixture with a large shelf above it is close to the door.

Universal toilet at Nanagō-Dōri Park Public Toilet.

The men's toilet needs no closing door. Yes, you could look in and see someone standing at a urinal, and you would know what they're doing. But that's no cause for a moral panic.

Entry to men's toilet.
Urinals in men's toilet.

Soft overhead lighting comes on when you enter.

There's a water fountain that also provides water for dogs.

Nanagō-Dōri Park Public Toilet.

Moving on to the next location

Here is a walking route joining locations #01, #02, #03, and #04. The ends of the route are at Sasazuka Station and near Hatagaya Station, respectively KO 04 and KO 03 on the Keiō New Line a short distance west of Shinjuku Station.

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